Chris and Helen

June 2010

Wedding List

We are delighted that you are able to share our special day(s!). Gifts are not expected as all our guests are making a huge effort to travel to join us in either Warwick or Spain, which is really amazing and present enough!

However, if you insist on a gift, we would be delighted if you would be kind enough to contribute to our honeymoon. We are currently planning a trip of a lifetime in Hong Kong and Bali and are hugely excited about two weeks of luxury! As you will know, we love being in and on the water, therefore watersports feature heavily, as does food and wine (no great surprises there!)

Details of our wedding list can be found at:

On the homepage, you can search for our list using either of our surnames (Millen or Tyrrell). You will be asked for a password, which should have been emailed directly to you. If you have not received this, please email

Looking forward to seeing you very soon!