2017 - 2019Chief of Staff (Executive Officer)

Army Officer (Major), Department of Personnel, Army Headquarters

Responsible for coordinating a broad portfolio delivering innovative and strategic personnel policy for the Army. Key point of contact between Army Headquarters departments, the Army Board and Ministerial offices requiring effective stakeholder engagement, presentational skills, efficiency while working at pace and creative problem solving.

  • Led an internal departmental restructuring project including the implementation of agile methodology. Through analysis of extant outputs, and consultation with key internal stakeholders and external customers, delivered £3m savings in personnel costs and a more responsive, adaptable and dynamic workforce.
  • Developed and modernised working practices for the department and coordinated the delivery of a new software system, including the design and implementation of an output-based online structure. Delivered more collaborative and flexible ways of working that reduced the overall staff effort, reduced the demand for physical meetings, and increased the tempo of project delivery.
  • Planned and delivered an off-site educational and team building package for 60 departmental staff. Resulted in greater team cohesion, an increase in staff motivation and personal development for all members of the team.

2015 - 2016Head of Department (Squadron Leader)

Army Officer (Major), The Royal Tank Regiment, Wiltshire

Responsible for every aspect of a 100 strong team to meet the operational and training needs of the Army, including managing over £5m of equipment and associated budget. Ensured training currency both as individuals and collectively, and the leadership, mentoring and welfare provision for all personnel.

  • Designed and delivered the deployment of 100 personnel and their equipment on a challenging military tactical exercise. Supervised, reviewed and verified the training to ensure objectives were met, resulting in a unit certified as ready for military operations.
  • Generated and published an organisational external engagement strategy, including online communications. Delivered a 50% increase in online metrics and the empowerment of individuals to act as recruitment ambassadors for the organisation.

2014 - 2016Senior Personnel Officer (Adjutant)

Army Officer (Captain), The Royal Tank Regiment, Wiltshire

Personnel officer for an organisation of 600, responsible for career management, discipline, organisational values and standards, and the principle staff officer to the Head of Organisation. A role requiring effective time management, engagement across the organisation, strategic vision and emotional intelligence.

  • Coordinated the amalgamation of two large organisations with differing outputs, culture and geographic locations. Delivered a single, culturally cohesive and operationally effective military unit.
  • Developed new processes to collate disparate information from multiple sources on personnel’s individual readiness for military operations. Delivered a reduction in staff effort and an accurate picture of the organisation’s operational effectiveness.
  • Coordinated and controlled the tactical activity of over 1000 personnel in high-tempo, austere and rapidly changing environments on military exercises. Resulted in a well-trained, risk-aware and rehearsed organisation that could deliver operational effect.

2011 - 2014Security & Intelligence Officer

Army Officer (Captain), 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, Wiltshire

Responsible for physical, digital and personal security, threat analysis, risk mitigation, and operational planning, including a tour of Afghanistan. Additional responsibility for training role-specific skills within the organisation.

  • Analysed multiple-source, conflicting and complex information to develop a simple and actionable assessment of threats and risk to the organisation, considerate of the local environment. Delivered risk-informed, pro-active and culturally-sensitive operational plans aligned to strategic requirements.
  • Planned, implemented, deployed and delivered a live-firing exercise for a UK front-line tank unit. Resulted in a 30% increase to first time pass rates, delivered within the £1m budget and on time.

2010 - 2011Operations Officer

Army Officer (Captain), Joint CBRN Regiment, Suffolk
(1st Royal Tank Regiment & 27 Squadron RAF Regiment)

The Joint Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Regiment provides a pivotal and unique role in the NATO Rapid Reaction Force. H Sqn were responsible for providing a quickly deployable Light Role Team (LRT) asset. Personal responsibilities within H Sqn included:

  • Operations Officer: Planning, coordinating and running training for members of the Sqn, including collective, continuation, individual and adventurous training. Completed the Defence CBRN Science and Advisors courses, as well as the Gunnery Officers' course and RAF Regiment Pre-Para Selection Course. Ran adventurous training expeditions to the Ascension Islands, Austria and the UK 3 peaks, as well as a two-week collective training exercise for the Light Role Teams.
  • Troop Leader: Similar role to troop leading at 2RTR (see below), although additional emphasis on a CBRN advisory role to large formation headquarters. More detailed knowledge of functions and capabilities of MRTs and LRTs and enabling rapid passage of critical real-time information.

2008 - 2010Junior Officer

Army Officer (Lieutenant), 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, Wiltshire

Following commissioning from RMAS and six months of 'special to arm' training, joined EGYPT Squadron, 2RTR as they undertook pre-deployment training for a tour of Afghanistan on Viking Armoured Vehicle. During this training and the 6 month operational tour, responsibilities included:

  • Intelligence Officer: Maintaining an accurate and up to date picture of enemy activity throughout Helmand, analysing this information, a nd presenting it to the soldiers deploying in a concise and comprehensive fashion. Later operating at a higher level than the Squadron, heavily involved in the planning of large-scale operations and managing a small team of 2-3 analysts. Undertaken as a junior Lieutenant although normally a senior Captain's role.
  • Brigade Liaison Officer: The key link between EGYPT Squadron and the Brigade. Responsible for briefing the Brigade Commander (commander of British forces in Helmand) on a daily basis and responding quickly to information requests in both directions.
  • Troop Leader: Primarily responsible for leading and managing a troop of 12 to 30 soldiers across all aspects of their career, personal welfare, training, education, fitness and safety, on and off operations. Ability to quickly interpret, analyse and disseminate orders essential, as well as effective and motivational leadership in high-stress and fluid situations. Ensure essential maintenance of vehicle carried out.

Following the tour of Afghanistan, acted as the Influence Officer and 'Afghanistan advisor' for the 1st Battalion Irish Guards during their exercise in Kenya.

2007 - 2008Officer Cadet

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS), Surrey

The commissioning course at RMAS intends to develop individual's intellect, character and professional competence to produce Army officer's with the generic leadership qualities to lead soldiers both on and off operations. The core objectives are:

  • Develop commanders of courage and willpower, with the temperament for decisive action in difficult and dangerous circumstances
  • Foster attitudes to integrity, selflessness and loyalty which set the soldier apart from others
  • Teach cadets how to think and communicate as commanders and to foster a deep interest and care for the individual
  • Achieve a grounding in British Military Doctrine and its significance in all forms of conflict
  • Encourage the analysis of strategic and war studies as a foundation to military thought and wisdom
  • Train cadets in the basic skills and battlefield disciplines of soldiering

These objectives reflect the three key elements of the training and education of young officers: the moral, the intellectual and the physical.

2006Market Intelligence Analyst

Computacenter Ltd., Yorkshire

Working on behalf of HBOS plc. for Computacenter within a larger project team, implementing computer device upgrades throughout the HBOS group. Using both database and Excel-based data analysis, with responsibilities including:

  • Analysis and tracking of project progress and adapting to a changing schedule
  • Liaison with engineers, ensuring deployments are attended, completed and reported
  • Rapid response to ad hoc requests from business, company and client contacts

2005 - 2006Sales Representative / Territory Manager

Owen Mumford Ltd., NE England

Covering the North East of England for Owen Mumford Ltd., selling a range of medical devices for diabetes used in both primary and secondary care. Key customers including Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Infection Control Nurses and Supplies managers, with responsibilities including:

  • Achievement of all territory sales volume targets by product and product group
  • Development of new and existing business in the healthcare sector
  • Monitoring and increasing the usage of company products to maximise the potential of each customer

2004 - 2005Development Technologist

Smith & Nephew Medical Ltd., East Yorkshire

Working in the Innovation department of the wound management site and part of the new product development R&D team. Project-based responsibilities including:

  • Production of accurate design drawings using CAD packages
  • Recording of materials for manufacture and testing enabling traceability
  • Writing and adhering to protocols for experimentation and writing reports